The balaji art gallery is a specialist in the tanjore painting. The paintings are being the range from a size of 4/3 inch and 8/4 feet to large hall paintings. The paintings are now done by Mr. Panneer Selvam who is expert in tanjore paintings for the past 18 years. The gallery is exclusive because it house only. Tanjore paintings and glass paintings and the prices are must cheaper for the very reason. The paintings havbe found their way in American temples. The tanjore painting of loard murugan was installed in the murugan temple at kuridon, London and in so many temples all over the world

Special Gift Item

1. Tanjore Painting of God is Better to install in the Pooja Room for Worship

2. The Tanjore Painting is being gifted for marriage instead of Gold Jewel right from the period of kings
3. The Tanjore Paintings is a MArvellous one to gift for many oceations as it is easily available fro the range from Rs.100/- to Rs.200000/- and above

Frame Work Undertaken

Metal Frames
European Photo Frames
Original Teak Wood Frames
Ovel, Arch Mandapam Frames
Pooja  Mandapam
Chettinadu Frames
Mani Frames
Exclusive Stained Glass Works
Imported be welled Mounts
Manufacturing of Tanjore Painting Colour Stones Details
First Quality Jaipur Stones
All Colours of Tanjore Painting Stones (Red , Green , White)
All shapes of Tanjore Painting Stones like Round , Square , Tilakam, Marquis
All Glass Handing Cutting Stones
White Grey Coating Stones
Chettinad Teak wood Frames and Plain Teak Wood Frames
 Full Pearls and half pearls